A Sydney Puppet Theatre production

   Power Puppets  


About the show

Power Puppets
is like watching a toy box come to life.

Power Puppets is a marvellous mixture of marionettes from the collection of the Sydney Puppet Theatre.  From puppets of the famous like Elvis and Cher to original creations like the duelling Mbubes and the gorgeous Giddy Gird Bird, these puppets draw on the 19th century tradition of vaudeville specialty acts.
Marionettes with a rock 'n roll edge.
Set to a lively soundtrack, this show is without words.


"The Sydney Puppet Theatre ably executed the art of entertaining a room full of small children last Sunday in their Power Puppets Show. Witty puppets and rocking tunes combine to make a very watchable show. Small one was enthralled the entire half hour, only breaking concentration to see if the boy sitting next to him was enjoying it as much as he was." Review by Jess McLean for Sydney Weekend Notes

To book:
email: spuppet@ozemail.com.au  OR phone: 0438 218 217


Length of Show:
No: of performers:
Age suitability:
Audience capacity:
Stage Dimensions:

Set Up Time:
Take Down Time:
Power Puppets
30 minutes
3 years and up
Height 2.5m
Width 5m
Depth 4m
2.5 hours
1.5 hours
Simple stage wash
Recorded music